Thursday, April 1, 2010

Got to get to work!

I have a wonderful friend who saves bags for me. I started making little bags out of fused plastic made from plastic bags a while back. It's an awesome project. I will probably have to write a tutorial about how I do it, but for starters, feel free to wander over to and look in their archives for their fused plastic tutorial. It's different from what I do, but I developed my way after watching them...

Anyway, It's a good project for all those random plastic bags. I had mentioned in past to this friend that I desperately needed bags that were not Wal*Mart bags. No this is not a knock on Wal*Mart (I'm sure I'll get there eventually, but this is not where my ire for the 'mart will come out), I simply have too many of those and they're very plain. Tonight she gave me bags from The Jelly Belly factory, and a bag from India! She's also given me some bags from Disneyland and reminded me that SOMEWHERE I have a bag from Herrods.

i fuse the plastic and sew with it. I've made some neat little bags, and Kristin (the friend who gives me so many bags) got one for giving me so many bags. She loves it and others have commented on the bag I gave her. I think it's where I'm going to focus for my Page22 Line.

Before I was sewing both cloth bags and the fused plastic bags. The Plastic ones sold better and were easier to sew to a higher level of quality.


I just have not been working as hard as I would like to be.

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